History of Carovilli

As far back as it is known, Carovilli was inhabited by the Sanniti Pentri. They frequently fought with the Romans and ultimately lost. You can still see ruins of their fortress today on Monte Ferrante. Around the turn of the 19th century, a monastery was built at Creta Rossa and the town grew around it.

Every July 19, the town celebrates La Festa di Santo Stefano. A procession and mass, including fireworks, are conducted in the morning. Then at nightfall, a huge party occurs in the piazza with a live band, vendors, and a lot of fun.

Carovilli is also has a thriving truffles (tartufi) industry. The area in and around Monte Ferrante is in abundant with delicious truffles.

The patron saint of Carovilli is Santo Stefano del Lupo (lupo means “wolf” in Italian) who lived in the late 12/early 1300s. At 16, he joined the monastery and became a Benedictine Monk. He followed the doctrine of Pietro Di Murrone who became pope Celestine V. It is said that Santo Stefano travelled with him to Rome when he was elected.

There are many different stories about how he got his name del Lupo. Here are a few versions:

1. One day he was chopping wood and a wolf ate his donkey. Santo Stefano made the wolf carry the logs back home.

2. Stefano Cinocco was the priore of 2 monasteries in Manoppello, Abbrruzzo (this is fact). There was a wolf in the area that was disturbing the herd of sheep. He prayed to God to make the wolf be friendly to the herd which ended up happening. That is how he got his name Santo Stefano del Lupo.